On wandering…

Well hey there. Welcome to the inaugural post of The Wanderers’ Society.

Being the first one, you could say there is a certain pressure riding on this to be good. To be profound. To say something really worthwhile. That is precisely the kind of pressure that would deter me from ever writing the damn thing, so let’s just pick an auspicious date (it is the eve of my 23rd birthday) and make this short and sweet.

This is an ode to the adventurous spirit. To bends in the path and forks in the road. Uphill scrambles and downhill gambols. To bolting to a halt when that waft of jasmine hits your nostrils in the night, looking up, finding your mark, and retracing your steps to inhale that sledgehammering scent.

And to where all good wanders begin: the homeland. Excusing the sub-par photograph, this is it.